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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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July 24th

life_twitter 11:31pm Prisma makes it to Android, shits about to get weird
life_instagram 11:19pm Prisma makes it to Android, shits about to get weird
life_foursquare 7:28pm Checked in at AMC Southpoint 17
life_foursquare 7:28pm Checked in at CineBowl & Grille - Frank Theatres
life_twitter 6:49pm RT @TheCatWhisprer: If any of my emails were leaked it would just be me replying "unsubscribe" to coworkers.
life_twitter 2:57pm RT @dustinteractive: Comic I made about ordering pizza online.
life_twitter 9:33am Some of these #dotsandco level makes me think whoever designed them wasn't hugged enough as a child

July 23rd

life_twitter 4:23pm ESPN spent 2 hours building up the Portland crowd, took LA Galaxy 11 minutes to firmly silence them #MLS
life_twitter 3:49pm OK, The Flash bit is kinda cool
life_twitter 12:47pm Looks like the entire upper level of Parkhead is empty, oh dear... #ICC2016
life_facebook 12:36pm Yeah, I'm staying indoors today...
life_twitter 12:13pm RT @PREMIUMPOMPOM: this is my new favorite painting
life_twitter 11:38am Simultaneously loving and hating #dotsandco
life_twitter 11:05am Twitter is not a longform medium, the readers experience is horrible. There's plenty of platforms available for such things, use them...
life_twitter 11:05am This thread... Is exactly why I dislike people dumping thoughts in Twitter, people hijack it and derail the meaning
life_twitter 9:11am RT @NewRaleigh: We polled our followers and with over 500 votes on each poll, here are the overwhelming results

July 22nd

life_twitter 9:03pm RT @WilsonsWorld: Kaaaaaaaaine!!!!
life_twitter 7:57pm RT @AmericanGodsSTZ: Some need to see to believe. Here's a first look at #AmericanGods, coming in 2017.
life_twitter 6:28pm The new rail seating at the piggery does look pretty good 😏

July 21st

life_foursquare 5:04pm Checked in at Mez Contemporary Mexican
life_foursquare 12:03pm Checked in at Lenovo Building 8

July 20th

life_facebook 9:11am Dear World, less 😡, more ❤ please.

July 19th

life_foursquare 9:46am Checked in at Lenovo Building 8

July 18th

life_instagram 10:07pm Gratuitous Flight of the Conchords recorder solo
life_foursquare 6:48pm Checked in at Koka Booth Amphitheatre
life_foursquare 6:48pm Checked in at Koka Booth Amphitheater Parking Lot
life_facebook 6:34pm Needing some entertainment in these dark, dark times...
life_foursquare 8:47am Checked in at Lenovo Building 8

July 17th

life_facebook 9:59pm Really good, I highly recommend you go see it. Even my usual dislike (OK, not dislike, but I rarely find her funny) for Melissa McCarthy couldn't spoil it.
life_foursquare 6:47pm Checked in at CineBowl & Grille - Frank Theatres
life_instagram 6:35pm Happiness is… #PokemonGo
life_foursquare 2:47pm Checked in at American Meltdown
life_foursquare 9:47am Checked in at Elmo's Diner
life_instagram 7:15am After two nights of storms…

July 15th

life_instagram 8:32pm After the storm, the album cover…
life_foursquare 12:47pm Checked in at Lenovo Building 8

July 14th

life_foursquare 12:21pm Checked in at Jersey Mike's Subs

July 11th

life_facebook 7:16am Urgh, came out this morning and found my car door slightly ajar, center console and glove compartment rifled through. Good thing I keep nothing in it...

July 10th

life_facebook 4:19pm Already thinking this will go to penalties. Gah!
life_instagram 1:52pm Now she decides that pictures are not cool
life_facebook 12:05pm 'MON THE MURRAY!!!

July 9th

life_instagram 9:23am The day I met @neilhimself, he signed my copy of American Gods,...

July 7th

life_youtube 10:25pm Overwatch: Play of the Game

July 6th

life_instagram 10:04pm We checked in on Emma to make sure she was sleeping ok, and we...

July 5th

life_facebook 10:16am Office is closed today, so #Overwatch or #StarWarsBattlefront?

July 4th

life_youtube 12:01am Overwatch: Play of the Game

July 3rd

life_facebook 3:10pm July 03, 2016 at 03:10PM

July 2nd

life_facebook 3:10pm July 02, 2016 at 03:10PM

July 1st

life_instagram 8:09pm Just hanging about, impatiently waiting on her brother coming...

June 24th

life_facebook 10:19am Pub?
life_facebook 12:07am So yeah... That happened.

June 23rd

life_facebook 11:41pm Current Status: bugger.
life_instagram 8:31pm Snoring on the sofa, yep, she’s officially home
life_facebook 8:17pm Current Status: oh shit.
life_facebook 6:14am Brexit day, I hope that sanity and logic win out, but the last few elections/referendums in the UK have shown otherwise. So please go vote if you haven't already, and if you have even a shred of doubt about what lies on the other side of a non EU abyss, #VoteRemain, it's easier to have another referendum further down the road than try to undo one.

June 19th

life_instagram 5:25pm Indoctrinating Emma into the #skateeverydamnday philosophy

June 18th

life_instagram 6:11pm More playground fun
life_instagram 10:11am Post soccer playground
life_instagram 9:52am New season begins, this time it’s the big girl class

June 15th

life_youtube 9:41pm Overwatch

June 14th

life_instagram 5:07pm Beside a dentist office that had “Pray For Orlando”...

May 10th

life_youtube 8:42am Uncharted 4: Retro Gaming

November 29th

life_youtube 3:35pm Most Satisfying Kill Yet

November 20th

life_youtube 1:33pm Kamikaze Rebels
life_youtube 2:24am Star Wars Battlefront

November 12th

life_youtube 10:29pm Vincent Kompany, Absolute Howler…

October 27th

life_youtube 11:42am Goal Line Technology

October 10th

life_youtube 3:08am Star Wars Battlefront

September 25th

life_youtube 5:48pm Was It a Cross???
life_youtube 1:38am Karim Benzema Overhead Kick

March 25th

life_youtube 5:09pm James McCarthy vs. QPR

February 17th

life_youtube 2:59pm Hilarious Own Goal
life_youtube 2:51pm Anderlecht Corner Routine