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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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December 4th

life_twitter 10:29pm Exit Music (For A Film). We hope that you choke...
life_twitter 9:24pm RT @AdamWeinstein: It's about ethics in pizza journalism
life_twitter 6:14pm RT @SarahKSilverman: Santa is art & open to all imagination & interpretation. The 1 u know was created by Coca Cola. Jesus was real, and…
life_twitter 5:19pm Last 20 seconds is just a cacophony of white noise. Now I want it to go slower each Roxanne, it might turn into a l…
life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Kroger
life_twitter 4:54pm RT @350: BREAKING: Army Corps of Engineers denies final permit for Dakota Access pipeline. Great news, but we still must rem…
life_twitter 4:44pm Scary times, we're letting her wander the grocery isles @ Kroger Co
life_instagram 4:39pm Scary times, we’re letting her wander the grocery isles

December 3rd

life_twitter 6:15pm RT @theoneringnet: Cast it into the fryer! Destroy it!
life_twitter 3:00pm Last of Us part 2, an Uncharted spin off, @Naughty_Dog are busy taking all my money (apparently)
life_twitter 12:30pm Alexis Sanchez drama alert?
life_twitter 10:51am Based in the recent history of Fridays, what is the Taiwan call of doom hiding/burying?

December 2nd

life_twitter 9:40pm RT @MrGeorgeWallace: Real talk. Monday December 5th is International Ninja Day so don't act all surprised when I jump down from the ceiling & whoop y'all's asses
life_twitter 8:40pm RT @kylegriffin1: Taiwanese media is reporting that the call was organized by Trump's staff:
life_twitter 6:40pm Yearly reminders: Little St Nick is dumb, Christmas comes this time each year? No shit. And Baby, It's Cold Outside... All about date rape
life_twitter 6:09pm RT @NewRaleigh: Someone is having a lot of fun with Pat "Bout-to-Need-a-Job" McCrory's wiki page today

December 1st

life_instagram 6:16pm Not saying grabbing breakfast from McDonald’s was a bad...

November 30th

life_foursquare 1:17pm Checked in at Crosstown Pub & Grill
life_foursquare 8:17am Checked in at Cary Cofounders Lab

November 29th

life_instagram 7:45pm Everyone helped decorate the tree this year
life_foursquare 6:17pm Checked in at Chick-fil-A Research Triangle
life_foursquare 6:17pm Checked in at Brew Coffee Bar

November 28th

life_foursquare 1:17pm Checked in at Serendipity Gourmet Deli
life_foursquare 9:17am Checked in at Cary Cofounders Lab
life_foursquare 8:17am Checked in at Starbucks

November 27th

life_instagram 7:37pm Emmavision on the slide
life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Circle K
life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Walgreens
life_foursquare 4:17pm Checked in at Piney Wood Park
life_instagram 4:01pm Slidestagram

November 26th

life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Chick-fil-A Research Triangle
life_foursquare 5:17pm Checked in at Piney Wood Park
life_instagram 4:32pm Swingstagram

November 25th

life_instagram 12:23pm One World Trade Center #latestagram
life_instagram 12:21pm Lady Liberty, a #latestagram from my point and shoot
life_instagram 10:10am Back to reality…

November 24th

life_facebook 4:11pm Home again, home again, jiggety jig
life_instagram 1:54pm Thanksgiving lunch, a cheesesteak from the JetBlue food court....
life_facebook 12:48pm Heading back home. Ready to ice feet.
life_instagram 12:44pm Homeward bound, exhausted, happy.
life_instagram 10:34am Felix the Cat!
life_instagram 10:04am Won’t you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?
life_instagram 9:57am Good grief
life_facebook 7:29am Only here for the balloons

November 23rd

life_instagram 11:16pm One last time under the bright lights

November 22nd

life_facebook 6:42pm In the room where it happens!
life_facebook 1:09pm Vanishing point...

November 21st

life_facebook 10:47pm Saks Fifth Avenue's Christmas Display
life_facebook 8:09pm I think our taste buds died and went to heaven
life_facebook 12:57pm On our way to the city.
life_facebook 7:42am Kidless break to the city so nice they named it twice...

November 19th

life_facebook 2:40pm Y'all just realise the whole Trump and Boycott Hamilton thing is a classic smokescreen to bury the Trump University news, right?

November 12th

life_facebook 10:37am Early bird special 😏

November 9th

life_facebook 9:45am "What's on your mind?" asks Facebook, well a lot of things are on my mind, I still haven't really processed what happened last night as I stayed up till the bitter end at 3am, then 2 short hours sleep later I was up and out to get Emma to daycare. I'll probably spend the rest of today avoiding the echo chamber news sources who got all their predictions wrong, and not for the first time... There's something happening in the world, something I can't quite put my finger on, first it was the Brexit vote and how wrong the experts were on that, now this election. Some strange tide has turned and fear of the known unknowns are taking hold nearly everywhere. I'm not going to jump to conclusions and say that the next 4 years are going to be horrible, but they are certainly not going to be good for people I know. All the social progress made in the last few years could easily be undone, don't let it be undone. Love still trumps hate. Choose love over fear. Back to work, today we start all over again.

November 8th

life_facebook 10:44pm Well, it's looking like the world has lost its damn mind. The next 4 years are going to be scary indeed.
life_facebook 5:34pm Speaking as a tax paying, non-voting alien resident, I'm so happy to see so many people participating in today's election. Regardless of who you voted for and why, time to put the last 18 months behind us.

November 3rd

life_facebook 12:49am Cubs win? Cubs win?!?! CUBS WIN!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

August 23rd

life_youtube 6:15pm Better Call Saúl

August 11th

life_youtube 3:59am Lost In Space

July 7th

life_youtube 10:25pm Overwatch: Play of the Game

July 4th

life_youtube 12:01am Overwatch: Play of the Game

June 15th

life_youtube 9:41pm Overwatch

May 10th

life_youtube 8:42am Uncharted 4: Retro Gaming

November 29th

life_youtube 3:35pm Most Satisfying Kill Yet

November 20th

life_youtube 1:33pm Kamikaze Rebels
life_youtube 2:24am Star Wars Battlefront

November 12th

life_youtube 10:29pm Vincent Kompany, Absolute Howler…

October 27th

life_youtube 11:42am Goal Line Technology

October 10th

life_youtube 3:08am Star Wars Battlefront

September 25th

life_youtube 5:48pm Was It a Cross???
life_youtube 1:38am Karim Benzema Overhead Kick

March 25th

life_youtube 5:09pm James McCarthy vs. QPR