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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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February 13th

life_foursquare 10:23am Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_twitter 10:00am RT @CharlesRobinson: Tracy McGrady illustrates the difference between 21 and 36 in brutal fashion.
life_foursquare 9:18am Checked in at Elmo's Diner

February 12th

life_twitter 5:46pm Emma doing leg lifts along win Mom as part of physical therapy
life_instagram 5:36pm Emma doing leg lifts along win Mom as part of physical therapy
life_twitter 5:25pm Wondering when @ATLUTD will contact me about season tickets, getting antsy...
life_foursquare 4:28pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint
life_foursquare 4:28pm Checked in at Wendy's
life_twitter 11:52am Never fails... untill it fails #2yearsago
life_twitter 11:05am Secretly I love how Kanye always lists out his disagreements like "and 17th of all..."
life_twitter 9:24am Woooft!
life_twitter 8:48am The new Powerpuff Girls voices are.... unsettling #looksthesame #notthesame

February 10th

life_twitter 6:45pm I love how in @Wallykazam, @Bobgoblin's full name is Robert Trouble Goblin III
life_twitter 11:46am RT @Futterish: Tweet 2:
life_twitter 11:46am RT @Futterish: Tweet 1:
life_twitter 8:55am Started playing @Firewatchgame last night, high hopes for it
life_twitter 8:39am RT @20BedfordWay: This 'How To Detect a Brutalist Building' chart by Charles Humphries is genius #brutalism #architecture #brutalist
life_twitter 12:14am Finally got all the cats in #nekoatsume (even Peaches)... Now the momentos

February 9th

life_twitter 10:22pm RT @briandfrancis: I wonder if the Whigs recognized the moment their party collapsed. Just wondering. No reason.
life_twitter 5:39pm Oh Liverpool, you play to the final whistle... Every FIFA player knows you always conceed in the last minute

February 7th

life_facebook 7:13pm Thinking Panthers 31 Broncos 17 #KeepPounding
life_facebook 6:45pm Apparently Facebook won't let me post a prediction :-/
life_instagram 6:20pm Red sky at night, Panthers delight? #KeepPounding
life_facebook 10:23am Past Super Bowl snarkiness
life_foursquare 9:04am Checked in at Elmo's Diner
life_instagram 8:31am Breakfast time

February 6th

life_foursquare 5:04pm Checked in at Circle K
life_instagram 3:47pm Must buy all the #bb8 things…

February 4th

life_instagram 6:24pm Ever feel like you’re just part of the furniture?

February 3rd

life_facebook 9:06pm Holy... Go to and search any Simpsons quote and get the still you need... Lose time, and possibly life and never forget:

January 31st

life_instagram 8:33pm When Toddlers Turn: The True Story of Emma

January 29th

life_instagram 9:47pm You’d never guess that a few hours earlier her fever...
life_instagram 7:00pm She’s a sleepy lil’ sugarpuss
life_instagram 6:13pm Ear infections makes her really snuggly

January 28th

life_facebook 8:42am Happy Anniversary Richard?

January 27th

life_foursquare 5:06pm Checked in at Jersey Mike's

January 26th

life_foursquare 12:52pm Checked in at Noodles & Company

January 24th

life_facebook 8:06pm Dabbing on 'em #KeepPounding
life_facebook 7:07pm The snowpocalypse was real, yo!
life_foursquare 5:48pm Checked in at Target
life_instagram 11:56am Much needed downtime, watching old Emma movies on mommaphone
life_instagram 9:38am Road is a solid sheet of ice, and the grass creaks like a...
life_facebook 9:07am Ahhh, January 24th. A special day fer sure...

January 23rd

life_instagram 4:52pm Imagine the Incredible Hulk Lonely Man theme here…
life_instagram 9:04am Happiness is…
life_instagram 8:53am Get your booties on because its coooooooooooold out there!
life_instagram 8:36am This is more like it!

January 18th

life_foursquare 1:44pm Checked in at Jersey Mike's

January 17th

life_facebook 4:17pm It's like that Giants game all over again...

January 15th

life_facebook 11:48am Now, that's a great trending topic #MurderKroger

January 3rd

life_facebook 3:52pm Christmas decorations all down, Emma didn't freak out as much as I thought she might

January 2nd

life_facebook 10:11pm So, we've reached the "no sleep at bedtime" phase of Emma's development, its so much fun... *so* much fun...

December 24th

life_facebook 7:50pm Merry Christmas to everyone back home in the old country

December 23rd

life_facebook 5:22pm Thunderstorms, flood warnings, 99% humidity, 70° temperature... Did I time travel back to late September? I swear it's December 23rd...

December 22nd

life_facebook 10:13pm Was unprepared for the "feels" this movie would give me...

November 29th

life_youtube 3:35pm Most Satisfying Kill Yet

November 20th

life_youtube 1:33pm Kamikaze Rebels
life_youtube 2:24am Star Wars Battlefront

November 12th

life_youtube 10:29pm Vincent Kompany, Absolute Howler…

October 27th

life_youtube 11:42am Goal Line Technology

October 10th

life_youtube 3:08am Star Wars Battlefront

September 25th

life_youtube 5:48pm Was It a Cross???
life_youtube 1:38am Karim Benzema Overhead Kick

March 25th

life_youtube 5:09pm James McCarthy vs. QPR

February 17th

life_youtube 2:59pm Hilarious Own Goal
life_youtube 2:51pm Anderlecht Corner Routine

February 9th

life_youtube 12:41pm The Best Goal I Never Scored

February 3rd

life_youtube 8:03am Emma Jumping and Playing Boo

January 24th

life_youtube 5:32pm Rakitskyi Free Kick

December 23rd

life_youtube 8:33pm Year in Photos 2014