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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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January 30th

life_twitter 12:22pm RT @CaydenBernstein: Suge knight killed a man, gas is under $2, Star Wars and Jurassic park are in theaters, and everyone is watching friends. What year is it?
life_lastfm 10:56am Lenka – We Will Not Grow Old
life_lastfm 10:53am Lenka – Like A Song
life_lastfm 10:49am Lenka – Live Like You're Dying
life_lastfm 10:45am Lenka – Trouble Is a Friend
life_lastfm 10:23am Lenka – Dangerous And Sweet
life_lastfm 10:17am Lenka – Knock Knock
life_lastfm 10:14am Lenka – Anything I'm Not
life_lastfm 10:11am Lenka – Don't Let Me Fall
life_lastfm 10:07am Lenka – Skipalong
life_lastfm 9:52am Lenka – The Show
life_twitter 9:22am After the cup break, I looked at my fantasy team for the first time in weeks. Apparently my entire team were in a horrible accident and died

January 29th

life_twitter 7:35pm RT @ljfullofgrace: Gave @lilsugarpuss an Oreo. She opened it and licked out the cream filling. She's nearly two & has already figured out the important stuff.
life_twitter 7:01pm Rangers vs. Celtic on Fox Sports 1 early on Sunday, I want to watch, but at the same time I don't want to watch...
life_twitter 3:51pm Interesting marshmallow-y clouds
life_instagram 3:32pm Interesting marshmallow-y clouds
life_twitter 3:08pm Wait, why am I paying for broadband internet when I don't even get it (technically) anymore?
life_facebook 12:36pm Taxes filed for another year, NC Refund: $1 (be still my beating heart)
life_twitter 12:32pm NC Refund: $1 (be still my beating heart)
life_twitter 8:46am Exactly 1 year ago today! Emma's first taste of snow, very unimpressedvia @timehop

January 28th

life_twitter 7:47pm Instagram videos now loop? Not like Vine at all then #amirite?

January 27th

life_twitter 8:25pm Catching up on @NBCStateAffairs and they are killing (KILLING) me with their pronunciation of Qatar and Qatari (Cutter and Cutterey)
life_twitter 7:32pm Toddler troubles tonight, not even the terrible two's yet
life_twitter 5:12pm Resetting/restarting router, and thinking TWC picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue
life_twitter 1:44pm RT @googlefiber: Google Fiber is coming to the Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham metro areas:
life_twitter 1:29pm Time to unfollow all the people who follow [redacted] and their sockpuppet account? Methinks yes
life_twitter 1:14pm RT @RME3: Hello @googlefiber, Goodbye @TWC!

January 24th

life_youtube 5:32pm Rakitskyi Free Kick
life_foursquare 12:24pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint
life_foursquare 11:28am Checked in at Apple Store, Southpoint
life_instagram 9:16am Tangle of wires

January 23rd

life_foursquare 3:15pm Checked in at House of Broken Dreams
life_instagram 7:54am What up Disco Chicken? Even on dreary days you still...
life_foursquare 7:52am Checked in at Mint Museum UPTOWN
life_foursquare 7:43am Checked in at The Green
life_facebook 5:04am Conference time

January 22nd

life_instagram 11:49am Midmorning cuppa
life_instagram 7:57am Early morning excitement in the neighbourhood

January 21st

life_instagram 7:36pm Watching Doc McStuffins like a big girl
life_foursquare 10:05am Checked in at Leith Toyota

January 19th

life_instagram 7:36am Would this count as being in the office before the sun comes up?

January 18th

life_instagram 10:47am Boo! (Boo!)
life_instagram 10:35am Lambie cuddles

January 16th

life_instagram 7:47pm Teach ‘em young

January 15th

life_facebook 5:46pm Cleaning up Emma's poop paint job in her crib has left us traumatised. How traumatised? Whichever scene from Event Horizon you're thinking of... it's that scene!

January 14th

life_instagram 6:27pm Mmmm, Apple
life_instagram 6:03pm My highly unscientific size comparison between the Samsung...

January 13th

life_instagram 7:02pm LilSuperPuss rescues Peppa
life_instagram 6:59pm Straight chilling in the ottoman
life_instagram 2:21pm Roadmap to anarchy

January 12th

life_facebook 9:15pm Uhhh, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee....

January 8th

life_facebook 8:38am Office. Hot. Dry. Hack. Cough.

January 7th

life_facebook 6:17pm I'm just going out for a walk, I might be a while

January 5th

life_facebook 6:50am Back to school

January 4th

life_foursquare 1:15pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint

January 1st

life_facebook 4:06pm Home again. Home again. Jiggety-jig.

December 31st

life_facebook 7:08pm Happy New Year to everyone back home
life_foursquare 5:16pm Checked in at Dancing Goats Coffee Bar
life_foursquare 1:41pm Checked in at Publix Super Market at Emory Commons
life_foursquare 9:18am Checked in at Sun in My Belly

December 30th

life_facebook 7:28pm Crazy busy, but good to be back
life_foursquare 7:16pm Checked in at The Square Pub
life_facebook 6:03pm What up people of Atlanta?
life_foursquare 5:36pm Checked in at Spaghetti Junction (Tom Moreland Interchange)
life_facebook 2:12pm Had to go inside the kids playground at Chick-Fil-A, holy claustrophobia!
life_foursquare 1:29pm Checked in at Chick-fil-A
life_facebook 8:37am Slowly getting everyone ready before hitting the road for what used to take me 6 hours, might take a little longer this time...

December 29th

life_foursquare 8:36am Checked in at Brigs at the Park Restaurant

December 24th

life_facebook 7:05pm Merry Christmas to everyone back home in the old country 🎅

December 23rd

life_youtube 8:33pm Year in Photos 2014
life_facebook 11:15am Yep, been saying it for years...

December 18th

life_youtube 9:42pm Roberto Soldado Sucker Punch

December 16th

life_youtube 5:14pm Liverpool vs. Arsenal Preview

December 8th

life_youtube 5:36pm Robbie Keane, up like a salmon