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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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April 1st

life_twitter 5:54pm What does @TheOnion do on April Fools? Post real news?
life_twitter 4:34pm 2 years difference... Happy Birthday Car!
life_instagram 4:34pm 2 years difference… Happy Birthday Car!
life_twitter 10:42am Though if ESPN want my feedback, don't infinite scroll of theres no infinite content except in a sidebar, LAWDY...
life_twitter 10:37am ESPN finally update their website for the 21st Century, no more
life_twitter 9:34am Starbuck drive-thru barista thought my shirt was a serious purple today. Couldn't even brain a response
life_twitter 8:36am Today's delivers
life_twitter 8:15am #ChromeSelfie

March 31st

life_twitter 6:47pm I kinda want to believe that Amazon Dash is a real thing, coupled with same day/drone delivery of course
life_twitter 4:08pm Remember kids, the rest of Europe should fear England based on their form since the World Cup disaster...
life_twitter 11:42am RT @Pixelnated: Pac Man is ripping up #CLT right now according to Google Maps
life_lastfm 9:40am Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain
life_lastfm 8:42am Prince And The Revolution – Baby I'm A Star
life_lastfm 8:39am Prince And The Revolution – I Would Die 4 U
life_lastfm 8:33am Prince And The Revolution – When Doves Cry
life_lastfm 8:28am Prince And The Revolution – Darling Nikki
life_lastfm 7:54am Prince And The Revolution – Computer Blue
life_lastfm 7:49am Prince And The Revolution – The Beautiful Ones
life_lastfm 7:45am Prince And The Revolution – Take Me With U
life_lastfm 7:40am Prince And The Revolution – Let's Go Crazy

March 30th

life_twitter 8:08pm I hate catching the end of the NCIS episode when @sashaalexander dies, not prepared to feel these feelings 😢
life_twitter 6:30pm Hard days call for hard drinks...
life_instagram 6:30pm Hard days call for hard drinks…
life_twitter 4:09pm Can't tell if Fortune are trolling by naming @taylorswift13 the 6th (and top woman) in their list of "World Leaders"
life_lastfm 4:04pm Starship – Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
life_twitter 1:26pm So there was a WRAL news van leaving our office car park, and crime tape around the fountain. Just another day in Durham?
life_twitter 9:16am Factory reset without the @ATT GoPhone sim in and wouldn't you know?

March 27th

life_facebook 6:40pm This is why I'm no longer allowed to interview candidates...
life_foursquare 12:35pm Checked in at Friday Food Truck Rodeo

March 26th

life_instagram 7:47pm Why my toddler is crying: watching Dora and Swiper swiped...
life_instagram 6:48pm Getting more mobile by the day…
life_instagram 4:03pm The eternal question “is a hot dog a sandwich?”...

March 25th

life_instagram 5:32pm Emma’s first helmet
life_youtube 5:09pm James McCarthy vs. QPR

March 23rd

life_foursquare 12:10pm Checked in at William's Gourmet Kitchen

March 22nd

life_facebook 3:19pm Who has two thumbs and had Virginia and Arkansas in his Final Four? And had Villanova in the East regional final? And Georgetown in the South? Who's suffering from extreme March Sadness? Oh, that'd be this guy...
life_foursquare 9:10am Checked in at Rise Biscuits & Donuts

March 21st

life_facebook 2:45pm This season of Archer really is going through the looking glass

March 20th

life_facebook 7:50pm Shooters gotta shoot. Was it really 20 years ago he was trash talking Spike Lee?

March 18th

life_facebook 5:27pm Glasgow, for all its pluses and minuses, is still miles better...

March 16th

life_facebook 9:28pm "Imagine living your life in the knowledge that you once turded so appallingly that a 747-400 had to turn around and land. Your liquid shit bought a £360-million airplane juddering out of the sky."

March 15th

life_instagram 5:11pm Admiring the work of Spring

March 13th

life_facebook 8:23am I love weird quirky data like this, kind of like in the Queen Elizabeth piece I shared a few days ago it said that Churchill, Truman and Stalin were still in charge when she took the throne.

March 9th

life_foursquare 4:31pm Checked in at Kroger
life_facebook 3:01pm $10,000 for a watch? Thats the starting price (on the upper level, theres "cheaper" ones for us lesser mortals)... Something about fools and money easily parted...

March 8th

life_facebook 6:13pm Sunday night TV is uninspiring, so we've opted to go to early renaissance Disney

March 7th

life_foursquare 4:37pm Checked in at The Streets at Southpoint

March 6th

life_instagram 8:00pm Attack Hugs!

March 5th

life_facebook 7:53am Welcome to RTP, 3 hours from the mountains, 3 hours from the beach, ¼ mile from the planet Mercury during summer, and in winter it can be 80° one day, and have a chance of snow the next...

March 4th

life_instagram 4:46pm No really, it was below 0 and snowing last week…

March 2nd

life_instagram 7:48pm Late night checkup for Lambie, even though Lambie is saying...
life_facebook 9:11am More funky brain interpreting colour stuff, how many do you see?

March 1st

life_instagram 6:54pm The little minion rearranges fridge magnets
life_facebook 4:23pm If a colour doesn't have a name, can we really see it?

February 28th

life_instagram 9:31am Time for your checkup Elsa
life_instagram 8:02am "I’m awake, therefore I must watch Frozen, deal with it"

February 27th

life_foursquare 12:40pm Checked in at Friday Food Truck Rodeo

February 26th

life_facebook 9:55pm I. SEE. FOUR. LIGHTS!
life_instagram 11:12am Slightly out her depth
life_instagram 11:00am A brief excursion out in the snow
life_facebook 4:46am Power flickered during the night, so we have the fire on now.

February 25th

life_facebook 7:55pm 6" to 10"? Do you want to build a snowman??

February 17th

life_youtube 2:59pm Hilarious Own Goal
life_youtube 2:51pm Anderlecht Corner Routine

February 15th

life_foursquare 12:36pm Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

February 14th

life_foursquare 1:04pm Checked in at Party City

February 13th

life_foursquare 11:53am Checked in at Friday Food Truck Rodeo

February 11th

life_foursquare 9:26am Checked in at Raleigh Ophthalmology

February 9th

life_youtube 12:41pm The Best Goal I Never Scored

February 8th

life_foursquare 3:43pm Checked in at North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
life_foursquare 9:03am Checked in at Monuts Donuts

February 3rd

life_foursquare 9:58pm Checked in at Duke Emergency Department
life_youtube 8:03am Emma Jumping and Playing Boo

January 31st

life_foursquare 9:21am Checked in at Elmo's Diner

January 24th

life_youtube 5:32pm Rakitskyi Free Kick

December 23rd

life_youtube 8:33pm Year in Photos 2014

December 18th

life_youtube 9:42pm Roberto Soldado Sucker Punch

December 16th

life_youtube 5:14pm Liverpool vs. Arsenal Preview

December 8th

life_youtube 5:36pm Robbie Keane, up like a salmon