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I'm Gregor Smith, a nobody really... But I've been around for a while and spent a lot of time on various "social networking" sites. During that time I've done a lot of things, and with a little help from and I can now share my time with you via this digital smörgåsbord.

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September 17th 2021

8:34pm Scotland: invented telephone, television, tarmac and everything good about the industrial revolution, discovered penicillin, has the oldest book with the word "fuck" printed in it, and now *invented* fucking You're welcome...
5:16pm Checked in at Kingswood Elementary School
12:22pm Checked in at Arby's
11:49am Shut up Thierry Henry
8:29am Portishead Zero 7 And that one Catatonia song to end the night

September 16th 2021

4:19pm Kent gives the ball away again, 5 seconds later Lyon score, it's becoming a regular thing #RANLYO #UEL
3:34pm I mean... What can you do? Except not lose the ball in their half?
3:29pm Fuck me, what a goal that was, Kent gives it away in the halfway line, 5 seconds later Ekambi has lashed in a missile from way out #RANLYO #UEL
10:49am Which of you fucks thinks this is a good idea?
9:46am Checked in at Dr. E. Brooks Wilkins, MD
6:06am Checked in at McDonald's

September 15th 2021

8:24pm JOSEF MARTINEZ IS A BAD BAD MAN!! and he caused my Android TV ESPN+ app to crash and restart making me miss the goal #ATLUTD #ATLvCIN
7:54pm Oh, this is how you do communications, I guess
7:49pm Atlanta United can now score set pieces on a regular basis, be afraid rest of MLS #ATLUTD #ATLvCIN
7:19pm That @MauriceEdu saying "ARAUUUUUJOOOOOOO" like Tony Chimmel used to say "RATED R SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPERSTAR" Sounds like there might be a fight on @kev_egan's hands about that WWE gig
5:39pm Yeah, I suck at #Deathloop... But every new morning is another attempt not to fuck up it, it's a metaphor

September 14th 2021

5:16pm Checked in at Kingswood Elementary School

September 11th 2021

1:51pm Checked in at Kanki Japanese House of Steaks & Sushi
1:36pm Checked in at Crabtree Valley Mall
1:36pm Checked in at Starbucks
1:36pm Checked in at McDonald's

September 10th 2021

6:17pm Checked in at McDonald's

September 9th 2021

4:13pm I'm not one for regrets, every decision I've made has led me here, good life with a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter and all that But, by fuck, I know a lot of people that are at that Biffy Clyro gig tonight... In fact, I'm beginning to suspect I'm the only person of Scottish descent not there.

September 8th 2021

1:10pm Checked in at Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
12:57pm Checked in at Cary Convenience Center

September 7th 2021

6:08am Checked in at Starbucks

September 5th 2021

3:21pm Checked in at Wake County Convenience Centers

September 4th 2021

9:32am Checked in at McDonald's

September 3rd 2021

7:45pm Sleepy puppies

August 23rd 2021

9:50am Impatiently waiting for a late school bus…

August 22nd 2021

3:55pm Olivia decided to celebrate her 1 year “gotcha day”...

August 13th 2021

6:14pm I wonder if the titular character from Cake's "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" ever regretted changing her name from Kitty to Karen
3:10pm Opening day across European leagues, if a job is worth doing,...

August 5th 2021

7:00pm Stupid mozzies

July 29th 2021

9:55am Scenes from last night's @allelitewrestling Dynamite at Bojangles Coliseum
9:52am Sights from last night’s @allelitewrestling Dynamite at...

July 28th 2021

6:16pm Hot. As. Hades.

July 27th 2021

8:41pm Dusky afterglow

July 25th 2021

9:04am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Seattle Sounders vs. Sporting KC

July 23rd 2021

1:02pm FIFA 21 Gameplay - Atlanta United vs. Columbus Crew

November 11th 2020

5:48pm FIFA 21 Gameplay - Netherlands vs. Spain

November 8th 2020

9:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Columbus Crew vs. Atlanta United
8:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs. Borussia...
7:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Manchester City vs. Liverpool

November 7th 2020

11:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Sevilla FC vs. CA Osasuna
10:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Huddersfield Town vs. Luton Town
10:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Crystal Palace vs. Leeds United
10:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Union Berlin vs. Arminia Bielefeld

November 2nd 2020

9:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Shimizu S-Pulse vs. Vissel Kobe

October 31st 2020

11:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Atlanta United vs. FC Cincinnati
10:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Sampdoria vs. Genoa
10:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - Tottenham Hotspur vs. Brighton & Hove...
9:48am FIFA 21 Gameplay - RC Celta de Vigo vs. Real Sociedad

June 17th 2018

9:53am Father's Day breakfast (sans children) is the best!

June 16th 2018

7:25pm When Emma is at the beach, the parents get to go out
9:00am HU!
6:08am Up early to watch Mbappé beast and feast

June 10th 2018

3:48pm Watching them do mad stuff with ice cream
10:48am Waffles are just pancakes with abs

June 7th 2018

3:04pm Pre-K graduation is serious business

June 4th 2018

5:48pm So, how was your Monday? Ours was fantastic!

June 2nd 2018

9:48pm Sundown, lights up #atlutd #shotonmoment #momentlens #fisheye
7:48pm The roof is open

May 31st 2018

9:33pm Thanks for all the Facebook prompted birthday wishes 😊

May 27th 2018

3:13pm May 27, 2018 at 03:13PM
10:55am May 27, 2018 at 10:55AM

May 26th 2018

3:00pm May 26, 2018 at 03:00PM

May 14th 2018

10:03pm Hitting all the right notes

May 4th 2018

9:21am Really, I'll never not like sappy things like this

April 26th 2018

8:42pm April 26, 2018 at 08:42PM

April 22nd 2018

9:49pm These violent delights have violent ends.